9th European Spring School on History of Science and Popularization

Living in Emergency: humanitarianism and medicine
Mahon/Maó (Menorca), 18-20 May 2017

Soins médicaux aux enfants de la CRS-SE, Genève (Archives fédérales, Berne)

Coordinated by Jon Arrizabalaga (IMF-CSIC, Barcelona), J. Carlos García-Reyes (ICIII, Madrid),
Dolores Martín-Moruno (IEH2, Université de Genève) and Àlvar Martínez-Vidal (IHMCLópez Piñero, Universitat de València).

 Final Programme

 Third circular



Thursday, 18th May 2017


Morning (10:30-13:00)


10:00-12:00 Registration

12:00-13:00 Welcome and Introduction


Evening (15:00-18:30)


15:00-15:45 Dolores Martín-Moruno (iEH2, Université de Genève, Switzerland): Gendering humanitarian war narratives: Nursing within the history of compassion

15:45-16:15 Discussion

16:15-16:45 Coffee break

16:45-18:30 Workshop 1: Tools for the history of humanitarianism: Gender and emotions. Comments by Dolores Martín-Moruno, Francesca Piana (SUNY, Binghamton, USA), and Rebecca Gill (University of Huddersfield, UK)

Vaccinating Mexico City: Humanitarian medicine in the Spanish Empire

Farren Yero (Duke University, USA)


The work of the Friends’ Ambulance Unit in Flanders during the First World War

Linda Palfreeman (Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Elche, Spain)


The emotions in the First World War: Letters and diaries of war nurses and godmothers

Marie Leyder (Universidad de Granada, Spain)


Historical perspective on Russian humanitarian medicine during the Great War: Assistance to Armenian refugees and absence of gender-differentiated strategies

Asya Darbinyan (Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University, USA)


Suffering and happiness of treatment and training. Finnish narratives on tuberculosis work in Somali refugee camps, 1981

Kaisa Harju (University of Oulu, Finland)


Expatriate women, Ugandan health workers, and continuities in humanitarian medicine during conflict in Uganda, 1971-2002

Kathleen Vongsathorn (University of Warwick, United Kingdom)



Friday 19th May 2017


Morning (9:00-12:30)


9:00-9:45 Francesca Piana (SUNY, Binghamton, USA): Of suffering and healing: Gendered bodies and emotions in the history of humanitarian photography

9:45-10:15 Discussion

10:15-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-12:30 Workshop 2: Tools for the history of humanitarianism: Visual culture. Comments by Francesca Piana and Rebecca Gill

The International Medical Relief Corps of the Chinese Red Cross: 1939-1945

Robert and Viviane Mamlok (Texas Tech University HSC, Lubbock, Texas, USA)


A precarious humanitarian agency: The Spanish Republican Red Cross in France, 1945-1950

Àlvar Martínez-Vidal (Universitat de València, Spain) & Xavier García-Ferrandis (Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain)


The medical history of the refugee camp

Jennifer Carr (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)


Portraits and landscapes of Ebola: Locating emergencies and emerging conflicts in quarantined humanitarian operations

Cristina Moreno Lozano (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain)




16:00-16:45 Valérie Gorin (Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action, Université de Genève, and Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland): Cinema and humanitarianism in the 1920s and the 1960s: From humanitarian propaganda to representational dilemmas

16:45-17:15 Discussion

17:15-17:45 Coffee break

17:45-19:30 Workshop 3: Tools for the history of humanitarianism: Films and emotions. Comments by Valérie Gorin, Dolores Martín-Moruno, and Jon Arrizabalaga

Ethical cross cultural interaction: Humanitarian intervention, bias and agendas

Kathryn Muyskens (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Shifting care regimes in the care of disabled children in Romania: Two filmic representations of the ‘orphanage of horrors’ (1981 and 1990) and the way in which they changed everyday life around it

Leyla Safta-Zecheria (Central European University, Budapest)


The South of No North

Teresa Correia (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain)



Saturday 20th May 2017


Morning (8:30-13:15)*

* This session will be held at the Museu de Menorca, Pla des Monestir - 07701 Mahon / Maó


8:30-9:15 Bertrand Taithe (University of Manchester, United Kingdom), Humanitarianism and medicine: Past and present

9:15-9:45 Discussion

9:45-10:15 Coffee break

10:15-12:00 Workshop 4: Tools for understanding the past and the present of humanitarian medicine. Comments by Bertrand Taithe and Rebecca Gill

Shaping the right bodies for mental health: The paradoxes of culturally-sensitive aid in post-war Peru

Rogelio Scott (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain)


From ‘displaced person apathy’ to ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’: A history of refugee psychiatry from the specific to the general

Ibrahim Baher (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)


Solving the patient exclusion problem with medicine and humanitarianism. Reflexive organization in the Doctors Without Borders’ reconstructive surgery project in Amman

Evan Fisher (Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines ParisTech, France)


Changes in medical practice in Syria: Dilemmas and adaptations in medical facilities continually under threat of attack

Justin Amstrong & Jean François Saint-Sauveur (Médecins Sans Frontières, Spain)


Hierarchies of humanitarians: Syrian doctors as precarious subjects

Rania Kassab Sweis (University of Richmond, USA)


12:00-12:45 General discussion

12:45-13:15 Concluding remarks. School closure


Accomodation venues

HOTEL MIRADOR - Dalt Vilanova, 1 - 07701 Maó

HOSTAL LA ISLA- Santa Caterina, 4 - 07701 Maó

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Organising institutions of the 9th ESSMahon2017


-          Institut Menorquí d’Estudis (IME), Maó

-          Societat Catalana d’Història de la Ciència i la Tècnica (SCHCT)

-          Institución Milà i Fontanals (IMF), CSIC, Barcelona

-          Institut Ethique Histoire Humanités (Programme d’histoire de la médecine), Université de Genève

-          Institut d’Història de la Medicina i de la Ciència López Piñero (IHMC), Universitat de València


With the support of the Research Project “Relief action and medical technologies in humanitarian emergencies, 1850-1950: agencies, agendas, spaces, and representations” (HAR2015-67723P, MEICOMP, Spanish Government)

And the collaboration of the European Society for the History of Science (ESHS)


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