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Seminari: "Drawing things out: Artisans, Longitude and the Politics of Technology"


Eoin Phillips

(University of Cambridge / CEHIC-UAB)


Divendres, 2 de desembre, 12:00h

Lloc: Aula gran (1er pis) IMF-CSIC

c/ Egipcíaques, 15. 08001 Barcelona


Activitat organitzat pel Grup d’Història de la Ciència, Institució Milà i Fontanals (CSIC, Barcelona)


This paper explores the relation between the London clock and watchmaking trade and the ambitions of technological reformers in Britain in the period 1770-1820. In particular it explores how attempts to 'make visible' important trades such as clock and watchmaking - in the form of encyclopaedias - involved highly contested interventions with the trade itself. Importantly, radical reformers celebrated the dissemination of information generated by the British state, while such information was highly contested by the artisans and tradespeople themselves. This work aims to contribute to debates about the nature of the so-called eighteenth century 'industrial enlightenment' and to our understanding of the relation between science and technology, the British state and industrialisation during the Age of Revolution.”
Eoin Phillips is a historian of science and technology with a particular interest in the connections between the histories of science, industrialisation and empire. Before joining CEHIC as a visiting researcher, he was based at Ruskin College Oxford and at the University of Cambridge, researching the transformation of the London clock  and watchmaking trade and its connection to the changing role of the British maritime state during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
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